Sassy Nails: The Ultimate Nail Care Guide for Teens


Every girl, young and old should experience the joy of self-care and this is the only nail care book you will ever need to experience self-care through nail care.

I brought together in one amazing book, everything you could ever need, to maintain strong, healthy, and beautiful nails. Inspired by my popular “Nail It” summer camp experience, this book puts all of my expertise, sassy personality, and confidence-building content right at your fingertips.

Inside this colorful guide, you will learn about the anatomy of your skin and nails, how to choose the proper tools and products, as well as how to do a perfect manicure including step-by-step fun and sassy nail designs.

Complete with colorful pictures, inspiring quotes, and DIY product recipes, The Ultimate Guide to Nail Care for Teens will have you saying goodbye to expensive and toxic nail care routines and hello to healthy, beautifully maintained nails right at home.